Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Patch Today

..and I suddenly have corruption in my colonies. How does the corruption work?

Does anyone know what these Action Points are in each town and what they do?


Maxwell said...

I answered my own question. There is a thread on planned features that explains this stuff:

John said...

I'm irritated with this new corruption thing. Not only is it a real pain to get rid of if you have three or more colonies, but it might be the case that we're only getting a taste and that it'll increase with later updates.

John said...

It seems like the changes were made to make it take longer to achieve things that were already possible as opposed to expand the horizon of possibility (which is what updates are usually supposed to do). The nerfing of glass and the introduction of governor's residences really serve no other purpose than to dilute the game.

captain planet said...

they are supposed to, in this case, act as a further slowdown of the game in order to level the playing field for smaller players.

This would probably have been better balanced by perhaps having regular server updates, just as many other games do (Utopia, Earth2025, etc.), and introducing new features and tweaking old features in between resets.

This allows for a stronger, less buggy introduction that does not alter gameplay mid-age. This is, however, still a free game, so i can't really complain too much.