Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ikariam sucks.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ikariam Down

Just to let you all know, i've perused the forums. It is a routing issue, not a server issue. There is no ETA on when the game will be back available, all we know is that some players are able to play and some who aren't.

There is no move by Gameforge to suspend the game while the networking issue is going on. Those of us unable to play are just left to suck it up and deal in our own ways...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Embassy Troubles Again

I, again, am unable to see the alliance member list. Anybody else having the same problem?

Also, does anybody know who the little guy is in our alliance? He hasn't responded to any of my messages.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Patch Today

..and I suddenly have corruption in my colonies. How does the corruption work?

Does anyone know what these Action Points are in each town and what they do?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You Know It's a Good Day

When you find a guy one island away....with over 7,000 marble and crystal in his warehouse....with 1 phalanx and 0 ships defending.....with a level 4 wall.....and a level 11 trading port. First time I've actually had to use all 25 of my ships at once. Plus, he's in the Top 100 of total score just two spots below Catt Weiss. A good day indeed.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Wow, we just jumped 6 spots in the alliance rankings since last night. I hope it's not another glitch. I just set up my fourth town, but some other big goings-on must have gone on recently too. Thuggz 4 Life in the house! Or imagine I said something hip like that, but less 90s and more nowish.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Yet again, the Ivy League insists on making its own game rather than play ours:


Thursday, March 20, 2008

unit efficiency for defense

It's obvious from just looking at them, but if you do the math, Phalanx remain the best units for defense even compared to higher-end units and including upgrades. Because I don't want to bury the call to arms below I'll put the calculations in a comment.

questions about boats

Which ships do you find to be the most useful? Do you find yourself building up one big fleet to break blockades with or more moderate fleets at each city? I would assume that it would, but does that preference determine your choice between flamethrower and catapult ships?

Asshole Tax

Latest News: BANNED! Yes that's right, all three accounts have been BANNED from Beta World. I'm glad we could rip him off before we kicked him off.

So, while this guy won't do a damn bit of damage to me, i would like for him to know that it was foolish to even think about it. His towns are VERY spread out, and somebody is probably close to at least one of his towns.

He's actually fairly lucrative to pillage, and i'm guessing he's not smart enough to leave anybody behind. All of his towns are called Spartan Palace, and they are on the following islands:

As of 3/20 10:25pm: Only 1 phalanx / 0 ships. Lvl 3 Wall, 12 Warehouse, 8 Trading Port.
Building material11,690
Building material2,389
Crystal Glass3,486
I would love to pillage this clown but I'm about 15 hours away so it's not quite worth it for me (speedwell)

As of 3/20 8:18pm: Only 4 phalanx / 0 ships. Lvl 1 Wall, 8 Warehouse, 7 Trading Port.
Building material5,053
Building material4,440
Crystal Glass196
This is a lot closer for me (speedwell), so I've already got a few guys en route to pillage.

28:68 - Rest House

If you're feeling up for it, i wouldn't mind seeing him take a few beatings from various members of the alliance. I'll post spy reports when i get them.

Addendum: This guy is a definite multi. He's sending attacks from multiple accounts that are quite coordinated. For that, i've reported him. And i'll steal his resources to boot.

Dale Cooper from White Lodge has won the battle and pillages spartan palace.
Gold: 9
Building material: 2,417
Wine: 432
Marble: 211
Crystal glass: 367
Sulphur: 1,065

Dale Cooper from White Lodge has won the battle and pillages spartan palace
Gold: 43
Building material: 2,576
Wine: 440
Marble: 267
Crystal glass: 711
Sulphur: 1,102

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

News on Score Situation/Embassy

It's fixed


Whoa, did anybody else's score drop or change extremely?

I dropped 700 spots and 2000 points since this morning for no reason.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wanted: cultural treaties

Anybody need a cultural exchange treaty? Call your friendly neighborhood Moonlit Knight.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alliance woes


I have three embassies and am working on my fourth. There are three free diplomatic points right now, and there will be many, many more forthcoming. So, to raise our alliance ranking, we should start recruiting. I'm trying to think of people we know who have yet to join. The list is

- Jim has a friend out there somewhere.
- Dan Bowen does not yet have embassies.
- Shyam plays, right?

I don't like the idea of opening up the alliance to people we don't know. I'm just saying that we should focus on recruiting people we know as vigorously as possible and exhaust those avenues. We are no longer constrained by diplo points, only by interest.

UPDATE - I think we should start recruiting people we don't know. Diplo points are just sitting there. Thoughts?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Will Trick For Marble Now

Anyone with marble out there willing to trade for wine or sulfur?

Top Tips

Here's a couple of tips I've learned over the past couple of days. Please feel free to share any others you have:
- Don't bother expanding your trading post past level 5. I got one of mine up to 7 (they only increase the range on the odd numbered ones). The problem is, any deals I find far away are snapped up before I get there. So unless you have some speedy cargo ships or trade treaties with people 4 or 5 islands away, don't waste the resources
-RESEARCH GLASS! It took me like 5 days, but once I had it, I shot up like 200 spots on the highscore list. When I woke up this morning, I had enough glass to instantly get fire ships & get halfway to Holiday.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Four open spots and climbing.

Friday, March 7, 2008


T4L has hit number 50!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I just built a museum in both my main city and my colony and I'm looking to exchange a "cultural good" with someone. So anyone else with a museum....let's make this baby.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No Unknown members

Hey guys,

So we have a bunch of people that we know who aren't in the alliance. I think that we should give preference

1- to people we know
2- to people who know people we know (in the real world)
3- then to people from the game


Thuggs 4 Life is ready for new members . People, send requests to Rob, and when he transfers leadership over to me, to me.

Important alliance message

I got this email via the alliance mail service.

Gawll from the alliance Thuggz 4 Life sends the following message: if u like wrestling join in

I didn't click on the link.

I, nathan, did. It's safe, but this use of our alliance mail should be reported to Ikariam immediately. It's a link to another browser game.


So many of you know that this asshole pillaged me on the first day. He only took one gold but I have since devoted my life to conquering him. Well last night I sent my 10 swordsmen and 8 slingers to burn his city to the ground. He may of had 29 slingers defending but they were no match for my elite army. Well after 4 pillages his city is in ruins and he has no more resources (took over 1000 wood he was trying to sell).

Now I think I will make a daily habit of pillaging him - maybe once in the morning and once at remind him never to screw with Little Sicily again!!!

Post your success stories - it's always nice to read about how we are spreading destruction to Beta world :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So I got this wine colony today, and started 'em on the booze as fast as I could and leveled the tavern up to 2 immediately. Apparently you can get happier than happy; the smiley face was green and was smiling extra-big. The population's status was 'euphoric', and the rate of growth was over 6 an hour. May the wine ever flow!

Monday, March 3, 2008

New member

I've updated the member list to include my friend Sheldon. I like the idea of compiling people we know into this page.

By way of introduction: "Um...posting pictures of my, right?"

Also, Dan Bowen has joined us degenerates!

Network Revisited

This is by no means the final word, but I do know this about the nebulous "shared network" rule. My Game Operator shares our concerns and flat out told me that he/she only enforces the rules.

Fleet Contact includes trading and military ships, while two individuals are connected to the same network. They did mention that sharing an IP address is not an infraction. Now, i don't know if that means that they use IP addresses to determine network. I have an email out to UIowa ITS to see what the deal is on IP assignment and what IP multiple computers on a router would broadcast. If they return and tell me it assigns different IP's I think we are in the clear.

There is a possible way around this as well. I noticed that the default gateways are different for the LAN, WPA2, and WEP access methods. This might mean that to get around the problem three people could each use one of the methods and trade simultaneously.

This is also a line I am pursuing with ITS.

As I had suspected, the University assigns distinct IP addresses. We can verify this using This, however, may also not be the end of the story. However, in a stroke if genius, i tested both my home computer and allison's home computer running off our shitty little pedestrian netgear router. Both of our computers broadcast the same IP. My guess is that we are all perfectly safe trading amongst each other while in Schaeffer. However, be careful if you share a router at home and trade while on the same router.

I am again awaiting confirmation on this from both Ikariam and UIowa ITS.

T4L and associated thuggz HIT LIST

As some of you know, I was raped and pillaged on two fronts today.

TRAINER's "Tiberion" attacked my capital city with 87, yes 87, slingers. This asshole is on my island (71,70).

dVirus attacked my marble colony from his "My Crib" city (whereabouts unknown) with 38 slingers and 21 swordsmen.

Acting either independently or as an alliance, these two miscreants have temporarily adjusted my walk and insulted the good name of T4L. I figure we could use this post to keep track of the living dead, editing when appropriate.

Third Colony

Anyone here thinking about getting jiggy with a third colony? I think I'm going to make the jump to a level two palace tonight, what with all the raping and pillaging I've been doing.

I was banned

From "THE MAN"

"Yeah, you were banned for inappropriate username and city names. If you provide me with an alternative username I'll change it and you may have the account back."

Alliance Allies

I have begun receiving requests fo join our alliance from people we don't know. Should we accept this? Should we have some sort of membership requirement. Thoughts?

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Thuggz 4 Life is up and running. Once you have an embassy, search for the alliance & click the shaking hands thing to join.

The Pillage People

In the interest of science (and because i'm bored right now waiting for my lumber so i can build a colony) i have decided to run an experiment on pillaging. Anybody is welcome to contribute to this scientific endeavor. All you have to do is post whatever information you have available, in this order: Opponent Town Size, Your town size, Troops you sent, Victory or Defeat, and resources pillaged, and troops losses.
Also, after your attack, post any notes that you find to be of importance in italics.

Opp - 1, My Size 4, Troops: 1 slinger, Defeat, No resouces, 100% casualties
Opp - 1, My Size 4, Troops: 2 slinger, Victory, No resouces, 50% casualties
Opp - 1, My Size 5, Troops: 4 slinger, Victory, 4 Lumber, 50% casualties
Opp - 1, My Size 7, Troops: 1 Swordsman, Victory, 151 Lumber 41 Wine, 0% Casualties
Opp - 1, My Size 7, Troops: 1 Phalanx, Victory, 151 Lumber 41 Wine, 0% Casualties
Swordsmen are obviously stronger. Also, it is pointless to attack without a trade ship, as Trade Ships are how resources are returned from the enemy town. Additionally, strength of troops dos not influence resources gained. I am testing this now with multiple units.


I don't know where everybody is right now, but I'm currently building my embassy. Any thoughts for this alliance yet?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

sites for learning about the game

Good news about IP addresses!


So Nate, who knows about computers, figured out that all of our computers have different IP addresses. So hooray!

Equation for walls

If you have a town wall, it adds a percentage to your defense that is:
(lvl of wall/lvl of town hall)*lvl of wall*10.

So, if your town is level 5 & your wall is 2, you get an 8% boost (2/5)*2*10.


Deus will die

The town "Deus" just looted me. Everything I do from now on will be done to fucking kill Deus. If anyone has marble to trade let me know, because Deus stole almost all of the marble I just bought. By the way, Deus is a piece of shit.

sulfur for wood

Will trade 200 sulfur for 400 wood.

Bad news about IP addresses

So I heard back from customer support about the no-trading on the same IP rule.  No matter the nature of the trade, you cannot trade with anyone who is on the same IP as you are.  This includes the circumstance when you start a trade from home then pop online at school while your trade partner is online at school.  It's considered cheating for whatever stupid reason and is grounds for dismissal.

So nobody in 330 can trade with anyone else in 330.  What I don't understand is whether someone else in Shaffer--say, the co-lab--can trade with someone in 330?  Is that the same IP address?

Thoughts welcome.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Editing posts

Hey all,

If you have just signed up, you need to wait for me to accept you as an admin THEN you can edit...


This post has the to-date coordinates and resources for everyone. Edit it with more accurate information!

Alex: 37, 38 - Catt Weiss - "Con Air" - SULFUR 36, 35 - "The Wicker Man" - SWEET BLESSED MARBLE - 33, 36 - "Face/Off" - WINE

Allison: 52:68 - Argyle - Crystal Glass

Andrew: 48, 71 - speedwell - "Street Urchin" - WINE //48, 74 - "Baltimorgue" - MARBLE // 48, 70 - "South Park" - SULFUR // 46, 67 - "Scrimmy Scrank" - CRYSTAL

Ben: Moonlit Knight: 31,30 "Epping Forest" (SULFUR); 28, 34 "Aisle of Plenty" (WINE); 26, 30 "Firth of Fifth" (MARBLE); 33, 32 "The Cinema Show" (CRYSTAL).

Bill Franco: 15, 49 - nihil - SULFUR

Bill MacMillan: trawlanicus

Christine Darr: 28:56 - Sunnydale - SULFUR

Dan Bowen: 14:39 - WINE

James: 58,21 - ballsac - Mt. Cock - SULFUR

Jeff: 54,22 - Sweaty 7 - MARBLE & CRYSTAL COLONY

Jim: 53,88 - Pasqal - Rinca - CRYSTAL

Jon Cockring: 71,79 - jon - Betelgeuse - WINE

John Alden: Dengue Fever - "Globus Cassus" crystal 71,50 -- "Pseudomonad" marble 69,50 -- "Lotophagia" wine 70,50 -- "Penzance" sulfur 70,49

Matt: 83,72 -Soramain -Despedida -Marble

Nathan: 56:19 - twin peaks - Wine // 48:26 - white lodge - crystal // 62:19 Black Lodge - Marble

Nick: 66:48 - Little Sicily - Crystal

Rob: 71,70 - rjm328 - "Mt. Hymennus" - WINE // 72,70 - "Cackring" - MARBLE

Sheldon: 36:15 - Dangly Dan - "Pole-is"


Zac: 82,50- Otherone - "Itoos" - R-town - Sulphur