Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alliance woes


I have three embassies and am working on my fourth. There are three free diplomatic points right now, and there will be many, many more forthcoming. So, to raise our alliance ranking, we should start recruiting. I'm trying to think of people we know who have yet to join. The list is

- Jim has a friend out there somewhere.
- Dan Bowen does not yet have embassies.
- Shyam plays, right?

I don't like the idea of opening up the alliance to people we don't know. I'm just saying that we should focus on recruiting people we know as vigorously as possible and exhaust those avenues. We are no longer constrained by diplo points, only by interest.

UPDATE - I think we should start recruiting people we don't know. Diplo points are just sitting there. Thoughts?


captain planet said...

I like the idea of opening it up. Shyam will not be up to embassies for a good while, and by then we'll have enough points that it won't matter.

Is he on the blog?

What's our screening process? Personally I prefer that we have had some sort of contact in game with these people rather than just accepting unsolicited memberships.

Maybe a donation to join?

captain planet said...


C'mon, this general's job just makes me itch for a good fight.