Monday, March 3, 2008

I was banned

From "THE MAN"

"Yeah, you were banned for inappropriate username and city names. If you provide me with an alternative username I'll change it and you may have the account back."


Anonymous said...

this bodes ill for the tiny town of Crank Slut

speedwell said...

perhaps they will find more humor with Baltimorgue

also - damn you blogger for revealing my alter ego

James Balsac said...

"Alright, I changed your username. Your town name is currently 'Renamed' so you can change that whenever you log back in. I'll remove the ban right now. Make sure to mind the rules in the future, there's a lot of kids who play this."

Willbright White said...

Man, these guys are real sticklers on French name-spelling. You don't want those kids seeing all that incorrect French spelling. I quake at the thought.