Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Whoa, did anybody else's score drop or change extremely?

I dropped 700 spots and 2000 points since this morning for no reason.


captain planet said...

I noticed andrew and Soramain dropped about the same amount (and for some reason my scientist score was at 0).

I also can not see the member list for the alliance...

Willbright White said...

T4L is #97!?! What the hell? The top alliances shifted around too. Maybe they changed the ranking algorithm? Maybe it's a temporary thing they'll fix. What a hose job.

captain planet said...

There are several members whose scientist scores have dropped to 0 for some reason.

I opened up an oticket with Ikariam.

Maxwell said...

I put in a bug report on the bug forum - my embassy lists no alliance members, I can't send circulars, and, yes, my score dropped about 800 spots overnight. No idea what that's about.

Anyway, here's to hoping they fix it soon.