Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bad news about IP addresses

So I heard back from customer support about the no-trading on the same IP rule.  No matter the nature of the trade, you cannot trade with anyone who is on the same IP as you are.  This includes the circumstance when you start a trade from home then pop online at school while your trade partner is online at school.  It's considered cheating for whatever stupid reason and is grounds for dismissal.

So nobody in 330 can trade with anyone else in 330.  What I don't understand is whether someone else in Shaffer--say, the co-lab--can trade with someone in 330?  Is that the same IP address?

Thoughts welcome.


speedwell said...

are we prohibited from joining the same alliance down the road?

Frank Black said...

Yes, though I'm waiting to hear about that officially. It seems to be that we can't interact in any way if we are ever on the same IP.

From non-English speaking and probably 10-year-old 'support':

"sorry bt this is they way it is and it will always remain as such.... Would you find it fun if someone did the same as you bt in their cases, the player is being a multi and having an advantage on you?

Since in cases like this, its difficult to see between genuine cases and cheaters, the best solution would be to not allow interaction of any king for an account on the same IP...if you want to trade, ask your GO if you can do it from home (not work, because when you and your collegues play at home, i guess its not the same IP)... "