Sunday, March 2, 2008


I don't know where everybody is right now, but I'm currently building my embassy. Any thoughts for this alliance yet?


John said...

I'll have my embassy tomorrow sometime.

I found a guide on alliances:

Frank Black said...

My embassy is up. Until its level three only stout can start one.

captain planet said...

Is stout starting one?

sweaty7 said...

I'll set one up, but I need some advice on a clever name.

Pasqal said...

I'll have an embassy tomorrow as well.

John said...

I made up some names:

The Not Melians

The Sallow Archipelago (since we're a collection of islands that may have more sulfur and fewer marble deposits among us than we’d like)

The Itty Bitty Consanguinity

The League of Extraordinary Wary Cooperators