Thursday, March 20, 2008

Asshole Tax

Latest News: BANNED! Yes that's right, all three accounts have been BANNED from Beta World. I'm glad we could rip him off before we kicked him off.

So, while this guy won't do a damn bit of damage to me, i would like for him to know that it was foolish to even think about it. His towns are VERY spread out, and somebody is probably close to at least one of his towns.

He's actually fairly lucrative to pillage, and i'm guessing he's not smart enough to leave anybody behind. All of his towns are called Spartan Palace, and they are on the following islands:

As of 3/20 10:25pm: Only 1 phalanx / 0 ships. Lvl 3 Wall, 12 Warehouse, 8 Trading Port.
Building material11,690
Building material2,389
Crystal Glass3,486
I would love to pillage this clown but I'm about 15 hours away so it's not quite worth it for me (speedwell)

As of 3/20 8:18pm: Only 4 phalanx / 0 ships. Lvl 1 Wall, 8 Warehouse, 7 Trading Port.
Building material5,053
Building material4,440
Crystal Glass196
This is a lot closer for me (speedwell), so I've already got a few guys en route to pillage.

28:68 - Rest House

If you're feeling up for it, i wouldn't mind seeing him take a few beatings from various members of the alliance. I'll post spy reports when i get them.

Addendum: This guy is a definite multi. He's sending attacks from multiple accounts that are quite coordinated. For that, i've reported him. And i'll steal his resources to boot.

Dale Cooper from White Lodge has won the battle and pillages spartan palace.
Gold: 9
Building material: 2,417
Wine: 432
Marble: 211
Crystal glass: 367
Sulphur: 1,065

Dale Cooper from White Lodge has won the battle and pillages spartan palace
Gold: 43
Building material: 2,576
Wine: 440
Marble: 267
Crystal glass: 711
Sulphur: 1,102


John said...

Chip or whoever is pretty far outside my neighborhood, otherwise I'd poor some gas on the fire you'll light under him. If it goes poorly you can count on me to wax poetic and avenge your demise.

Nice work with the resource graphics.

captain planet said...

thank andrew for the graphics. I had some similar gains actually... he's going to be pissed. I can't wait to see him get kicked off.

I actually took the last of his undefended resources.

John said...

With town wall levels like that, I want to say "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks."

speedwell said...

I made off with this from 39,76:
# Gold: 578
# Building material: 1,763
# Wine: 1,172
# Marble: 1,243
# Sulphur: 304