Monday, March 10, 2008

Top Tips

Here's a couple of tips I've learned over the past couple of days. Please feel free to share any others you have:
- Don't bother expanding your trading post past level 5. I got one of mine up to 7 (they only increase the range on the odd numbered ones). The problem is, any deals I find far away are snapped up before I get there. So unless you have some speedy cargo ships or trade treaties with people 4 or 5 islands away, don't waste the resources
-RESEARCH GLASS! It took me like 5 days, but once I had it, I shot up like 200 spots on the highscore list. When I woke up this morning, I had enough glass to instantly get fire ships & get halfway to Holiday.


sweaty7 said...

Ok, since no one else is adding a tip, I'll add another one: DOG OWNERS. Never lose your TV remote control again. Simply tape it to the back of your dog, and hey presto! Whistle, and the device is at your beck and call! This can also apply to hot drinks, after intense training.

Frank Black said...

Also, kiss Jeff Stout on the lips whenever you can. Boys only.

John said...

Tip: keep your wall level ahead of your town hall level. This may seem obvious for the reason of the defense bonus, but also consider this: each achieved breach gives your opponent a 10% attack bonus. That means that in the case of a wall that’s below the level of a town hall, the attack bonus from breaches could potentially be greater than the defense bonus of the wall.

In addition to the defense bonus, your units receive a 3 point offensive bonus per level of wall when defending. So, I guess a level 10 wall (with a level 10 or lower town hall) could turn a 24-40 Phalanx into a 54-80.

This information comes off the boards, so take it with some suspicion.

John said...

Another tip from the boards: don't plan on having more than four colonies.

The users in this thread,, tend to agree that your warehouse storage capacity will be prohibitive after your fourth colony. They say that the warehouse caps out at level 17 with room for 83,724 wood, but a level five palace costs 225,792 wood.

John said...

You can verify my last tip by looking at the
warehouse stats and the palace stats.

John said...

Whenever it's your turn to be leader, you can customize the alliance internal page for maximum thuggery with the coding here.