Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So many of you know that this asshole pillaged me on the first day. He only took one gold but I have since devoted my life to conquering him. Well last night I sent my 10 swordsmen and 8 slingers to burn his city to the ground. He may of had 29 slingers defending but they were no match for my elite army. Well after 4 pillages his city is in ruins and he has no more resources (took over 1000 wood he was trying to sell).

Now I think I will make a daily habit of pillaging him - maybe once in the morning and once at remind him never to screw with Little Sicily again!!!

Post your success stories - it's always nice to read about how we are spreading destruction to Beta world :)

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captain planet said...

Boys and girls, this is it. I, like others before me, will be attacking against 17 slingers and 2 ram ships. I'm pumped. My blockade arrives around 12:30, and the attack begins around that same time.