Saturday, March 1, 2008

Good news about IP addresses!


So Nate, who knows about computers, figured out that all of our computers have different IP addresses. So hooray!


Willbright White said...

What about 2 computers on the same private router then? Or how about if 2 users switch alternately use the same computer? I just want to know where the line gets drawn.

Frank Black said...

I'm assuming that two users switching alternately is a no go, so long as some aspect of the trade is pending. If you were cheating with two accounts, this is precisely what you would do. You can ask them, though; I'm tired of dealing with customer support.

Two computers on the same private router is also likely no good. Nate can fill you in on the details. The key point is NOT that you have different MAC addresses, but that you have different IP addresses. If you can manually check that, you should.

captain planet said...

I do have to wonder, if a personal router is a no go, how would multiple people playing a dorm work, as even the wall jacks are probably connected to a router of some sort?

This is something that is a problem inherent in their rules, as any large network (a university included) is probably not in compliance with these rules if there is any overlapping cooperation between two people on the same network.

I think i will pursue this line with customer support as a question. I think that we are in compliance with the spirit of the rules, while maybe not in compliance with the text.